AAE Tech Services Inc.

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Our specialties lie within aquatic ecology and conservation biology.  Whether your needs are related to sediment or water quality monitoring, fisheries investigations, watershed research, biological monitoring, or habitat protection, enhancement or rehabilitation, we can fulfill your requests. We have the expertise and equipment required for sampling in any water body within Manitoba, Canada, or beyond.


At AAE Tech Services we strive to develop excellent working relationships with agricultural producers, land owners, rural municipalities, and those living adjacent to waterways to promote sustainable development practices in order to protect and ensure that the watersheds in which we live remain healthy. Future generations are depending on our actions so they too can enjoy healthy lakes, rivers and streams teeming with fish.


AAE Tech Services is experienced with regulatory approvals & permitting, conducting baseline studies, environmental impact assessments, and developing environmental monitoring programs. Examining and documenting the ecological impacts humans have on our aquatic environments is a top priority of our company. For more detailed information on what we can do to help with your project needs, please visit the contact page.