AAE Tech Services Inc.



AAE provides full land surveying services; our sophisticated Trimble R8 GNSS survey system is up to date, powerful and provides the ability to shoot all manner of topographical surveys with a high degree of accuracy. After our base and long range radio are set up, the R8 Rover and handheld can be walked or mounted to our ATV, providing accuracy while allowing us to cover large sections of land efficiently. Back at the office, ArcGIS and AutoCAD software can process collected data and provide detailed and accurate survey reports and imagery. Furthermore, we can couple our land abilities with aquatic bathymetry surveys using BioSonics MX Echosounder with Visual Acquisition 6 software in order to provide clients with the most accurate and complete picture of the surrounding landscape. Lastly, our lightweight UAV units can collect detailed geo-referenced imagery from the air.



Pine Creek First Nation Hydrology Survey

AAE conducted extensive land surveys on Pine Creek First Nation Reserve as phase I of a multi-phase project to alleviate flooding in the community. Elevations were shot along all road and driveway centerlines, along strategic ditch centerlines that required improvement during times of high water, and at all properties, cisterns, septic tanks and community buildings. Further surveying was conducted over-land to determine low-lying elevations and natural drainage patterns on the reserve.



Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation Hydrology Survey

AAE was contracted to conduct a survey of the Oak Lake Reserve in Manitoba to provide recommendations to alleviate flooding in the community. Survey work included surveying centerlines of roads, dyke elevations and widths, current water levels, stream bank locations and elevations of existing culverts. This information was compiled and analyzed to produce flood mitigation recommendations for three high-risk sites on the reserve.