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Topographic Surveys

AAE offers full land surveying services for a wide variety of clients and projects. Our state-of-the-art Trimble R8 GNSS survey system is a powerful tool for performing land surveys with a high degree of accuracy, allowing us to survey large areas of land thoroughly and efficiently. This technology can be combined with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or our bathymetric survey equipment to provide even more detail and accuracy, while ArcGIS and AutoCAD software allow for critical analysis and imagery.

Our surveying technology and expertise allows us to obtain highly accurate data for use in topographic profiles, drainage plans, watershed plans, flood mitigation, site assessments and much more. Contact us for more information on how we can put our capabilities to work for you.

Representative Projects

BroadGrain Grain Terminal at CenterPort Preliminary Drainage Plan

AAE conducted a detailed topographic survey and proposed a drainage plan prior to construction of a grain terminal at CentrePort. A topographic map of the existing site was provided to the client along with a proposed plan to control runoff and improve drainage on the property.


Pine Creek First Nation Topographic Survey and Hydraulic Assessment

AAE conducted a topographic survey of the lakefront region of the Pine Creek First Nation Reserve in order to identify drainage problems and sources of flooding on reserve. Data was incorporated into a Hydrological Model of the Pine Creek area for use in a flood analysis, prevention and mitigation plan. Surveying was conducted that established elevations of existing water levels, infrastructure and high water marks, and was analyzed to provide recommendations for flood mitigation actions to be taken by the band and council.


Skownan First Nation Flood Management Survey

AAE completed a flood management survey of the Skownan Reserve. The study was initiated to obtain baseline data and to assess the existing infrastructure and drainage within Skownan Reserve. The results facilitated a complete hydrologic-hydraulic assessment in Phase II of the project and development of recommendations to reduce the impact of flooding on the reserve.






Additional Projects

  • Thunder Creek Dam Feasibility Assessment
  • Lake Manitoba Outlet Channel Baseline Aquatics Assessment
  • Ravelston Avenue Drone Survey
  • Spence Lake Topographic and Bathymetric Survey
  • Thunder Creek Environmental Assessment
  • Sixteen Mile Creek Tributary Topographic Profile
  • Point du Bois Spillway Survey
  • Griffin Wheel Company Topoprofile and Drainage Plan
  • Marble Ridge Colony Topographic Profile
  • Dam Failure Study and Topographic Profile
  • Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation Drainage Assessment
  • Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation Topographic Survey and Drainage Assessment
  • Spence Lake Topographic and Bathymetric Survey
  • O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation Drainage Plan