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Mapping & GIS


Mapping & GIS

All environmental projects typically have a Geographic Information System (GIS) component.  In the aquatic environment GIS is important for mapping watersheds, substrate classifications, recording bathymetry and is a key component utilized for telemetry studies.  Many of these applications can be incorporated into the various projects we are involved with to allow a greater understanding of the aquatic world that we work in.  GIS mapping offers decision makers the information necessary for the maintainance of healthy ecosystems with regards to habitat enhancement, creation or rehabilitation.


Bathymetry                      Aquatic Habitat Echosounding

                                            Single Beam Bathymetry

                                            Multibeam Bathymetry

                                            Side Scan Sonar

Substrate Mapping 

Submerged Vegetation Mapping          

Habitat Suitability Index Mapping

Acoustic/Radio Telemetry Mapping

Interpretation of Aerial Photography for Land Use/Riparian Zone Classification Mapping