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Instream Flow Needs

The most important factors to consider for instream flow needs are hydrology, geomorphology, biology, water quality and connectivity of a system.  Assessment of these parameters are crucial to better understand the needs of aquatic organisms within their surrounding environments.  A large part of instream flow habitat needs can be assessed using Habitat Suitability Critera (HSC) and Weighted Usable Area (WUA) methods.  These criteria can be used to assess life stage requirements needed to sustain healthy populations in the aquatic environment.

Representative Projects

Fox Bridge Hydraulic Survey

Fox Bridge, a newly constructed bridge on the Roaring River in the R.M. of Swan River, replaced an old deteriorating ford crossing.  Prior to construction of the bridge the crossing was a total barrier to fish movement.  AAE Tech Services was contracted to assess current flow conditions under the bridge, to examine the structures stability and assess fish passage.


Feasibility Assessment Notching Riffles on Basket River

An assessment was conducted to determine whether riffles installed within the Basket River created barriers to fish movement under low flow conditions.  Based on results of the assessments riffles were altered to provide passage at low flow conditions while maintaining spawning habitat for local fish communities.


Pine Falls Fish Habitat Suitability Assessment

Assessments were conducted to determine Habitat Suitability Indexes of fish species utilizing the forebay and tailrace of the Pine Falls generating station on the Winnipeg River.  This assessment was conducted to identify changes in habitat as a result of a re-runnering project updating four turbine units within the powerhouse.  


Whitemouth River Discharge Measurements

Due to the presence of the Carmine Shiner, an endangered species, special precautions were taken during proposed water withdrawal from the Whitemouth River for Hydrostatic testing.  Cross-sectional profiles and discharge were assessed.



Eagle River Discharge Measurements

Cross-sectional profiles and discharge was assessed on the Eagle River to ensure that water withdrawn for Hydrostatic testing would not affect downstream habitat.




Additional Projects

  • Surface Water Study of two Headwater Tributaries of Harmony Creek in Eastern Ontario
  • Bowmanville Creek Flow Assessment
  • Little Savanne River Flow Assessment
  • Assiniboine River Flow and Aquatic Habitat Assessment
  • Winnipeg River Flow Assessment