AAE Tech Services Inc.


Feasibility Assessments

Understanding the feasibility of a project is essential prior to starting work, and involves taking a multitude of environmental, budgetary and risk considerations into account. Feasibility assessments often involve thorough analyses of environmental conditions and impacts, regulatory requirements, cost estimates, risk assessments, design alternatives and other aspects of a project. AAE has the expertise to investigate the feasibility of a wide range of projects, providing assessments and recommendations that are accurate, practical and effective.

Representative Projects

Feasibility Assessment for a Dam and Retention Pond on Thunder Creek

AAE completed a feasibility assessment for a proposed dam to be constructed along Thunder Creek in Manitoba. The assessment involved studies of the watershed hydrology, soil composition, and environmental impacts, as well as conceptual designs of the dam and associated fishway. Cost estimates and models of the resulting reservoir volume and shape were also produced for a variety of possible dam heights.


La Riviere Dam Fish Passage Feasibility Assessment

A study was completed to summarize potential positive and negative impacts of 1) a complete dam removal, 2) a partial dam removal or 3) constructing a fishway around a dam at La Riviere on the Pembina River to improve connectivity between lower and upper reaches of the river and to restore natural habitat conditions within. Meetings were held with stakeholders to discuss the social and economic values of maintaining water levels upstream of the La Riviere Dam.


Feasibility Assessment for Whitefish Lake Marina Dredging

Whitefish Lake, located near Swan River, MB is one of the most heavily fished lakes within the area. AAE Tech Services was contracted by the SVSFE Inc. to conduct a feasibility assessment of a proposed project to dredge the marina. The study was to assess both positive and negative and long and short term impacts dredging of the marina would have on the fish community. A compensation plan was prepared based on local knowledge, a literature search, and field investigations.