AAE Tech Services Inc.

Fish and Fish Habitat Assessments


Fisheries Inventories

Fisheries inventories are necessary for managers to make informative decisions when dealing with development projects around waterways to ensure proper precautions are taken to mitigate impacts on fish and fish habitat. Determining fish population dynamics, community structure, or presence/absence is also imperative to allow biologists to make informed decisions when regulating and managing a fishery. AAE Tech Services Inc. is experiences in conducting fisheries inventories in all types of water bodies. Our large inventory of fisheries equipment includes boat and backback electrofishing equipment, gill nets, trap nets, beamish nets, seine nets, larval drift nets, minnow traps, and egg mats, allowing us to sample for larval, juvenile and adult fish in a wide variety of settings and conditions.

Fish Habitat Assessments

Fish habitat can be defined as those areas used by fish for feeding, reproduction, and shelter or the waterways or migration corridors connecting these specific areas. Lakes, streams, rivers, marshes, wetlands, reservoirs, canals and even ditches can be considered fish habitat. For an individual fish species, habitat requirements often vary widely depending on the life stage of the fish. For example, spawning or overwintering requirements are quite different for an individual species. At AAE Tech Services we evaluate and describe fish habitat along waterways to facilitate development around water to ensure effective plans are in place to mitigate or minimize the impact or destruction of fish habitat. Fish habitat assessments are also undertaken to identify areas in need of rehabilitation or enhancement to improve fish habitat and sustain healthy fish populations.  

Representative Projects


St. Malo Fisheries Assessment 

AAE was contracted to conduct a fisheries assessment for the St. Malo-Rat River system in Southern Manitoba. AAE performed a thorough assessment of the system, including bathymetric mapping; fisheries assessment via electro-fishing and hoop netting; riparian habitat assessment; benthic invertebrate presence/abundance; stream profiling; stream velocity measurements; and in-steam fish habitat assessments. Recommendations to enhance fish stocks, develop additional spawning habitat and improve fish access were also provided. 


Whiteshell River Fish and Habitat Assessment

AAE Tech Services was contracted to evaluate fish habitat enhancements that were made twenty years prior to increase trout habitat within the Whiteshell River.  Riffle elevation heights and pool depths were assessed.  Fisheries inventories were conducted to assess fish utilization within the enhanced reaches of the river. 


Aquatic Habitat Survey Whitefish Lake Tributaries

Whitefish Lake is a popular fishing site for many residents of Swan River.  Two tributaries of Whitefish Lake, Lagoon Creek and North Creek, have historically supported large Walleye spawning runs.  The local fishing group contracted AAE Tech Services to assess available fish habitat within the creeks and to provide the group with recommendations and guidelines to restore spawning habitat.


Whiteshell River Winter Fish and Habitat Assessment

Winter sampling was conducted on the Whiteshell River to better understand conditions fish face during winter.  Pool depths, hydrology, ice formation, dissolved oxygen levels, and nutrient loading were assessed.  Fish inventories were also conducted to document fish utilization and overwintering strategies.


Fish Habitat Assessment of Selected North Basin Lake Manitoba Triburaties

The Lake Manitoba fishery is a valuable commodity within Manitoba. AAE Tech Services was contracted to conduct an assessment on numerous north basin Lake Manitoba tributaries.  The primary goals of the project were to gather baseline data documenting the aquatic habitat conditions and to compile a list of recommendations to enhance the natural spawning habitat around the lake to ultimately help restore healthy fish populations. 


Lafarge Steep Rock Quarry Fish and Fish Habitat Assessment

A detailed fish and aquatic habitat assessment was conducted on the Lafarge Steep Rock Quarry to provide recommendations on developing the quarry into a sustainable catch and release fishery.  A bathymetric survey was a component of the project to document habitat conditions and water depth within the quarry.