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Bathymetric studies provide valuable information about the depth, shape, surface area and volume of a water body. Bathymetric models are used for many purposes, including aquatic habitat assessments, dredging applications, sedimentation monitoring, vegetation control, discharge analysis and many other purposes. AAE uses state-of-the-art MX Echosounder technology from BioSonics in conjunction with our Trimble RTK positioning system to obtain highly accurate, geo-referenced bathymetric data. Our technology and expertise allows us to provide clients with detailed maps of water body bathymetry, substrate composition and submerged vegetation coverage, height and biovolume. Please contact us for more information and to discuss how we can meet your unique project needs.

Representative Projects:

Lake St. Malo and Rat River Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat Assessment

AAE conducted a bathymetric survey of Lake St. Malo in southern Manitoba on behalf of St. Malo and District Wildlife Association as part of a larger assessment of the fishery and aquatic habitat of Lake St. Malo and the Rat River. AAE provided the client with detailed maps of lake bathymetry and substrate composition, along with maps of submerged vegetation height, coverage and biovolume during both spring and fall sampling periods.


Bathymetric Study of Pelican, Rock and Swan Lake, Manitoba

Pelican Lake, Rock Lake and Swan Lake are three lakes located along the Pembina River in southern Manitoba. AAE conducted a bathymetric study of all three lakes, producing geo-referenced maps of lake bottom elevation, depth, substrate composition and submerged vegetation. The results of the bathymetric survey provided local Conservation Districts with baseline data to evaluate the extent of sedimentation within the lakes, as well as a way to evaluate mitigation efforts moving forward.


Lake Manitoba & Lake St. Martin Aquatic Habitat Baseline Assessment

AAE completed a fisheries and aquatic habitat assessment of the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin in relation to Manitoba Infrastructure’s proposed diversion channel routes. The project included bathymetric studies of two sites each on Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin where the proposed channels would intersect with the lakes. AAE provided detailed maps of lake bottom elevation and depth, substrate composition, and submerged vegetation characteristics.



Additional Projects

  • Spence Lake Topographic and Bathymetric Survey
  • Shoal Lakes Watershed Assessment