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Mapping & GIS

All environmental projects typically have a Geographic Information System (GIS) component. GIS is a critical tool for mapping watersheds, substrate classifications, recording bathymetry and is a key component utilized for telemetry studies. GIS mapping offers decision makers the information necessary for the maintenance of healthy ecosystems with regards to habitat enhancement, creation or rehabilitation.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play an increasingly critical role in environmental research, development planning and resource management. AAE uses state-of-the-art mapping and GIS tools to complete a wide range of projects, including aquatic and terrestrial assessments; watershed planning and flood mitigation studies; aerial, topographic and bathymetric surveys; project feasibility studies and more. AAE’s GIS and mapping capabilities provide clients with the information necessary for efficient project development and accurate decision-making.

Our GIS and mapping services include:

  • Bathymetric mapping using single-beam, multi-beam and side scan sonar technology;
  • Substrate mapping;
  • Submerged vegetation mapping;
  • Habitat Suitability Index mapping;
  • Acoustic / Radio Telemetry mapping;
  • Land survey mapping;
  • Topographic mapping using ground-based and aerial survey technologies;
  • Flood risk and watershed mapping;
  • Drainage mapping and planning;
  • Hydrologic modeling.

Please contact us for more information on how we can put our GIS and mapping capabilities to work for you.