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Fisheries Enhancement & Restoration


Fisheries enhancement can be described as any activity or effort put forth to protect or improve fish habitat.  Fish habitat includes any waterbody used by fish for reproduction, feeding, and/or refuge or those habitats used as a migration corridor connecting these areas.  AAE Tech Services Inc. is experienced in carrying out projects to improve fish habitat within lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands, including measures to improve spawning habitat, fish passage, water quality and other important aspects of fishery health.

Representative Projects


Bear Creek Restoration Project

Eight beaver dams were removed and three spawning shoals were built in Bear Creek, a Lake Manitoba north basin tributary, to increase spawning habitat for Walleye and other species occupying the lake.  Results of the study were truly remarkable as run, riffle and pool habitat types were formed.  Sediments composed mainly of fine particles pre-restoration were transformed to large sand and gravel beds, habitats typically selected for spawning by numerous species.  Large schools of fish were also observed utilizing the creek during the open water season.


Honoway Fishway

A bypass fishway was constructed on Swan River to provide fish with the opportunity to reach upstream spawning and nursery habitats.  The fishway was constructed around a ford crossing that was impeding fish movement under a variety of flow conditions.  Because the ford crossing was located near Swan Lake, and near the mouth of the river, it likely had a significant impact on fish populations within the river.   


Whitefish Lake Beaver Dam Removal Project

Whitefish Lake is one of the most heavily fished lakes within the Swan River district.  In an effort to restore viable spawning habitat within the lake to help sustain healthy fish populations, the SVSFE group along with AAE Tech Services removed twelve large beaver dams on North Creek, a tributary of Whitefish lake.  


Basket River Fisheries Enhancement

Three spawning shoals were constructed within Basket River to increase spawning habitat by creating diverse flow regimes, increasing oxygen levles within the water column, and by increasing the amount of suitable substrates (sand, gravel, and cobbles) selected for spawning by numerous fish species.







Additional Projects

  • Lake Francis Fishery Enhancement Initiative
  • Shell River Fishway Design and Construction
  • West Interlake Watershed Conservation District Spawning Shoal Assessment
  • Burnt Lake Drain Fishway Design and Installation
  • Medika Drain Bank Stabilization and Rehabilitation