AAE Tech Services Inc.

Fish Salvage Operations

Fish salvage operations entail safely capturing and relocating fish away from a project or development site. Regulators require fish salvage operations to be implemented to prevent fish mortality in areas being de-watered, areas where stranding of fish is likely, or when instream works may impact fish. At AAE Tech Services Inc. we have the equipment and experience required to carry out safe, successful and efficient fish salvage operations within any water body in Canada.

Representative Studies


Sherridon Fish Salvage

AAE Tech Services Inc was hired to conduct a fish salvage operation in Sherridon, Manitoba prior to construction of a bridge in the community. Creeks such as the one salvaged are often important spawning area for species such as Northern pike, which are vital components of all Northern Manitoba aquatic ecosystems. AAE Tech Services Inc was able to ensure that no fish would be adversely impacted by bridge construction activities, and installed temporary sediment containment structures around the construction zone to minimize the effects of increased turbidity on the downstream reaches of the creek. 


Portage Diversion Fish Salvage

Fish were successfully removed from two de-watering sites were during construction efforts on the Portage Diversion. Gill netting, seine netting and electrofishing were used to safely collect fish and transport them to connecting waterways. Frogs, crayfish and mussels were also collected and safely transported.


East Side Road Fish Salvage Operations

Fish salvages were conducted within nine fish-bearing waterways along Provincial Road 304 and a new road connecting Rice River to Bloodvien, MB along the East Side of Lake Winnipeg. Fish were captured via backpack electrofishing and safely relocated to downstream sites away from the de-watering areas. A freshwater mussel survey was conducted in conjunction with the fish salvage operations. Water quality parameters were also assessed.






Additional Projects

  • Inlet Creek Fish Salvage (Manitoba Infrastructure)
  • Bradbury River Mussel Salvage (East Side Road Authority)
  • Fish Salvage at Mary Lake Tributary, Ontario (TransCanada Pipeline Ltd.)
  • Provincial Road 513 Fish Salvage (Shoreline Excavating)
  • Assiniboine River Fish Salvage (Manitoba Infrastructure)
  • Pine Falls Generating Station Fish Salvage (Manitoba Hydro)
  • Netley Creek Fish Salvage (Earth Max Construction)
  • Fifteen Mile Creek Fish Salvage (TransCanada Pipeline Ltd.)
  • Twin Creek Fish Salvage (Wintec)
  • Gladstone Dam Fish Salvage
  • Shell River Mussel Salvage
  • Hayes River Fish Salvages
  • Assiniboine River Mussel Salvage
  • Sturgeon Creek Fish Salvage