AAE Tech Services Inc.


Linear Projects

AAE has extensive experience working on large-scale linear construction projects, including transmission, pipeline and roadway projects. We are experienced in environmental mitigation planning, monitoring and inspection, and are committed to working with clients to ensure construction activities proceed efficiently and with minimal environmental impact. We have performed a wide range of environmental services on linear projects across Canada, including:

  • Environmental and water quality monitoring
  • Environmental assessments
  • Biosecurity monitoring
  • Construction supervision
  • Fish and mussel salvages
  • Hydrologic assessments
  • Fishery and fish habitat assessments

Representative Projects


Environmental Assessment for MB Hydro Transmission Line 38R/Line 81

AAE performed the aquatic component of an Environmental Impact Analysis for widening the transmission right-of-way within Riding Mountain National Park.



MB Hydro Bipole III Transmission Line Biosecurity Monitoring

Third-party biosecurity monitoring of construction activities along Manitoba Hydro’s Bipole III transmission line. AAE monitors MB Hydro and its contractors to ensure compliance with MB Hydro’s Agricultural Biosecurity Standard Operating Procedures.



Fisheries Assessment on Crocodile Creek

Fish and fish habitat assessment on Crocodile Creek at a TransCanada Pipeline crossing. The assessment identified species within the watershed protected by the Government of Canada Species at Risk Act (SARA) or by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Fish habitat at the proposed work site was also assessed, along with risks and mitigation measures associated with conducting instream works at the site.


Mary Lake Tributary Fisheries Assessment and Environmental Monitoring

AAE performed a fish and fish habitat assessment at the Mary Lake Tributary to facilitate TransCanada Pipeline Ltd. in obtaining required permits to rebury exposed pipeline. Field investigations included the aquatic habitat conditions, riparian conditions, channel morphology and hydrology and identified those fish species utilizing Mary Lake Tributary at the proposed work site. AAE also performed water quality monitoring and environmental monitoring of construction activities at the site.


Fish Salvage and Turbidity Monitoring – TransCanada Pipeline Crossing at Huntley Creek

AAE conducted environmental monitoring and fish salvage operations on Huntley Creek to document changes in turbidity during pipeline replacement and safe relocation of fish downstream of the work area.



Pigeon River Environmental Protection Planning

AAE prepared an environmental protection plan (EPP) on behalf of Innovative Civil Contractors Inc. (ICCI) for use on all construction efforts pertaining to the Pigeon River Bridge, including a policy overview, environmental protection measures, contingency plans, and monitoring and inspection requirements.


Pigeon River Environmental Monitoring

AAE conducted environmental inspection and water turbidity monitoring on the Pigeon River, at the East Side Road Bridge B-5 crossing, for the duration of construction work at the site.


Pigeon River Bridge Construction Lake Whitefish Spawning Survey

AAE monitored fish spawning on the Pigeon River during construction of Pigeon River Bridge B5. Fish were captured upstream and downstream of the bridge daily using gill nets to determine if bridge construction activities were negatively impacting fall and winter-spawning fish species such as Lake Whitefish.


Hayes River Fish Salvages

AAE performed multiple fish salvage operations on the Hayes River pertaining to causeway reconstruction and bridge replacement.


Bradbury Mussel Salvage

In preparation for bridge construction, AAE performed a mussel investigation and salvage within the Bradbury River approximately near Bloodvein, MB. The dive team identified Mapleleaf Mussels within the survey area, indicating a high probability of additional Mapleleaf Mussels around the right of way of the bridge.















Additional Projects

  • Surface Water Study of Two Tributaries of Harmony Creek in Ontario
  • Harmony Creek Fish and Habitat Assessment
  • Harmony Creek Environmental Monitoring
  • Fish Salvage at Mary Lake Tributary, Ontario
  • Bowmanville Creek Flow Assessment
  • Crocodile Creek Surface Water Study
  • Little Savanne River Flow Assessment
  • Fifteen Mile Creek Fish Salvage