AAE Tech Services Inc.


Construction Supervision

Overseeing the implementation of mitigation measures and contingency plans to ensure construction activities have a minimal adverse impact on the environment is a vital component of construction. AAE Tech Services Inc. is experienced in environmental mitigation planning, monitoring and inspection. Our clients understand their responsibility to respect the environment, and AAE is committed to working with clients to ensure construction activites proceed efficiently and with minimal environmental impact.

Representative Projects:

TransCanada Pipeline Ltd. Line Lowering at Mary Lake Tributary in Ontario

AAE was contracted by TCPL to provide environmental monitoring services for the line lowering at Mary Lake Tributary in Ontario near Brace Bridge. AAE’s primary role was to monitor turbidity levels in the creek to ensure the aquatic environment was protected during construction. AAE was to document non-compliance issues and provide recommendations to crews to ensure proper sediment and erosion mitigation measures were being followed.


Innovative Civil Constructors Inc. Environmental Protection Plan Development

AAE was contracted by ICCI to provide environmental monitoring services and develop the Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) for bridge construction over the Pigeon River as part of the East Side Road Network. AAE prepared a comprehensive EPP, including a policy overview, environmental protection measures, contingency plans, and monitoring and inspection requirements. AAE was also on-site during the three-month construction period to monitor compliance and provide recommendations to crews to ensure protection measures were followed.


Manitoba Hydro Bipole III Transmission Line Biosecurity Monitoring

Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board contracted AAE Tech Services Inc. to conduct third-party biosecurity monitoring of construction activities along Manitoba Hydro’s Bipole III transmission line. AAE monitors Manitoba Hydro employees and contractors to ensure compliance with MB Hydro’s Agricultural Biosecurity Standard Operating Procedures.






Additional Projects

  • Spawning Spur Installation Environmental Monitoring
  • Harmony Creek Environmental Monitoring
  • Huntley Creek Fish Salvage and Environmental Monitoring
  • Pigeon River Bridge Construction Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring for Culvert Installation (Tootinaowaziibeeng First Nation)