AAE Tech Services Inc.


Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) assess the existence of, or potential for site contamination based on non-intrusive investigative techniques. The procedure generally includes three components:

  • A review of historic and current information concerning the Site and its surroundings;
  • A site inspection; and
  • Interviews with site personnel and neighbours familiar with the site’s history.

The results of a Phase I assessment may identify areas of potential concern which can be investigated further during a subsequent Phase II ESA. Phase II assessments involve sampling and testing to determine the presence or absence of contamination at the site, and may include testing of water, air, soil, building materials or other areas of concern identified in a Phase I ESA. Phase I and Phase II ESA’s are performed in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association.

Representative Projects

Fisher River Cree Nation High School Phase I ESA (2016)

Colliers Project Leaders Inc. retained AAE Tech Services to conduct a Phase I ESA for a parcel of land owned by Fisher River Cree Nation and targeted for the development of a new high school and playing fields.

Fisher River Cree Nation High School Phase II ESA (2017)

Following completion of the Phase I ESA, AAE conducted a Phase II ESA to investigate soil and groundwater conditions within a parcel of land intended for development of a new high school and playing fields in Fisher River Cree Nation. Soil and groundwater testing for pathogens, metals, persistent organics pollutants (POC’s), and methane gas was conducted.