AAE Tech Services Inc.


Laboratory Analysis


At AAE Tech Services Inc. we are experienced at conducting laboratory analyses on a wide range of biological parameters. Our laboratory capabilities include analysis of stomach contents and processing samples for stable isotope, fatty acid and DNA analysis. We are also experienced in freshwater and marine species identification, and conducting morphometric and meristic analyses of fish. 

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Representative Projects


Stomach Contents Analysis Projects

AAE has carried out numerous projects involving stomach content removal and analysis. Species we have analysed for stomach content include Lake Cisco; Arctic Char; Dolly Varden; Arctic Flounder; Broad Whitefish; Greenland Cod; Saffron Cod; Pacific Herring and Shorthorn Sculpin.


Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment

AAE Tech Services Inc. performed laboratory analyses of fish captured in the Beaufort Sea from 2011 to 2014. Analyses included species identification, morphometric assessment, sex and maturity assignment, otolith removal, and stomach content removal/analysis. Preliminary processing of biological samples was also performed for stable isotope, contaminant, fatty acid, DNA, and energetics analysis.


Beaufort Sea Fish Community Analysis

AAE Tech Services Inc. was contracted to collect specimens onboard the CCGS Nahidik to understand the biology and ecology of offshore demersal fish populations in the Beaufort Sea. Biological data was collected from all fish captured and tissue samples were used for further analysis.

Mackenzie River Salmon Research

Biological data (fork lengths, total lengths, weight, sex and maturity, etc.), meristics data (scale counts, gill raker counts, fin ray counts, etc.) and tissue samples were taken from spawn condition salmon from the Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories.  If you would like more information about the project please visit www.arcticsalmon.ca.


ACES Program Beaufort Sea

AAE Tech Services Inc. was contracted to collect specimens at Shingle Point within a proposed Marine Protected Area within the Beaufort Sea, to collect baseline data and to develop a monitoring plan for the area.  Biological data were collected from all fish captured and tissue samples were taken for further analysis.