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Fisheries Research


Although the term "fisheries research" can be defined many ways, we define fisheries research as the study to gain knowledge about the life history, general biology, ecology, distribution, migration patterns, tolerance levels, habitat preferences, contaminant levels, and food web dynamics of fish. Fisheries research is an integral part of making informed management decisions to protect fish and fish habitat when dealing with development projects, climate change issues, fisheries management, infrastructure design, and water quality management practices.  

Representative Studies

Hatchery Drain Fish Passage

Tagging of fish captured in Hatchery Drain during spring spawning migrations allowed AAE Tech Services to better understand upstream spawning movements and to determine the presence of barriers along the waterway.  Hoop-nets and visual surveys were additional methods used to assess and recapture fish during their upstream spawning migrations.


Beaufort Sea Food Web Analysis 

Fish, invertebrates, zooplankton and phytoplankton were collected aboard the CCGS Nahidik as part of an ongoing study to assess foodweb structure within the Beaufort Sea.  Sampling was conducted near Bowhead Whale feeding aggregations in an attempt to link the lower and upper levels of the foodweb. 


Impacts Introduced Wild Rice has on Invertebrate and Fish Communities 

Invertebrate diversity and community structure were compared between littoral areas of lakes within west-central Manitoba that were seeded with wild rice (introduced species) and bays still dominated by natural aquatic vegetation.  Water quality, temperature profiles, plants densities and energy flow at each site were compared to understand the impacts introduced wild rice had on the natural aquatic ecosystem. 


Beaufort Sea Fish Sampling aboard the CCGS Nahidik,

In collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, AAE Tech services was involved in sampling aboard the CCGS Nahidik within the Beaufort Sea  to better understand the nearshore and offshore fish communities.   Contaminant analysis, stable isotope analysis, fatty acids analysis, age determination and biological processing were assessed for those fish captured. 


Rusty Crayfish Monitoring on Falcon Lake, MB 

AAE Tech Services was contracted to assess the impacts an introduced species, the Rusty Crayfish,  has on the plant, invertebrate, and fish communities and native crayfish populations within Falcon Lake.  Rusty Crayfish are thought to have been introduced into the lake via bait bucket release.