AAE Tech Services Inc.


Fish Ageing

AAE Tech Services Inc. has the experienced staff and technological solutions to perform accurate fish ageing analyses on a wide variety of fish species. We have the tools and expertise required to prepare and analyze structures for age determination of any fish species found in marine and freshwater systems across Canada and North America. AAE has provided age estimates for numerous species of fish from most families, including but not limited to:

  • Salmonids (e.g. Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Trout spp.)
  • Coregonids (e.g. Whitefish spp.)
  • Percidae (e.g. Walleye, Yellow Perch, Sauger)
  • Cyprinidae (e.g. Shiner spp., Northern Pikeminnow)
  • Esocidae (e.g. Northern Pike)
  • Osmeridae (e.g. Capelin, Rainbow Smelt)
  • Pleuronectidae (e.g. Flounder spp.)
  • Lotidae (e.g. Burbot)
  • Cottidae (e.g. Sculpin spp.)
  • Acipenseridae (e.g. Lake Sturgeon)
  • Catostomidae (e.g. Sucker spp.)
  • Clupeidae (e.g. Pacific Herring)
  • Centrarchidae (e.g. Pumpkinseed, Smallmouth Bass)
  • Gadidae (e.g. Saffron Cod)
  • Hiodontidae (e.g. Goldeye)

Our ageing laboratory can also provide high-quality photo documentation of ageing structures and oxytetracycline (OTC) mark detection. Our processing, ageing and quality assurance protocols have been developed to match the standards laid out by Fisheries and Oceans Canada ageing experts.

Representative Projects


Fish Ageing Contracts

AAE has conducted many fish ageing studies on a wide range of species. Our clients have included government agencies; academic institutions; and environmental firms in the private sector.


Whitefish and Northern Pike Age Determination

AAE Tech Services Inc. was contracted to determine the age of Whitefish and Northern Pike collected in a mine in Canada's Northwest Territories. Otoliths and cleithra were the structures selected to determine age of the species of interest.  


Species at Risk Age Determination

AAE conducted an ageing study on Carmine Shiner, Western Silvery Minnow and Eastslope Sculpin (three species listed under the federal fisheries Species At Risk Act).  Otoliths and fin rays were selected to determine age of each specimen.