AAE Tech Services Inc.


Mitigation/Compensation Planning

At AAE Tech Services Inc. we are experienced at developing compensation plans for any work that may be deemed to harmfully alter, disrupt or destroy fish habitat (HADD).  We have expertise at quantifying and evaluating fish habitat in order to develop compensation plans to satisfy those parties involved, ultimately preventing a no net loss of fish habitat.

Representative Projects


Dockside Cove Habitat Compensation Plan

A compensation plan was developed for Dockside Cove, an inland marina development project on the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba.  It was determined, by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the inland marina project was going to lead to the destruction of fish habitat and a compensation plan was required to gain authorization. 


Kilkenny/South Crooked Lake/Fish Line Drain Compensation Plans

Compensation plans were developed for three drains in the Interlake Region of Manitoba to prevent a no net loss of fish habitat.  Proposed drain improvements were deemed to harmfully alter, disrupt or destroy fish habitat.



Feasibility Assessment Whitefish Lake Marina Dredging

Whitefish Lake, located near Swan River, MB is one of the most heavily fished lakes within the area.  AAE Tech Services was contracted by the SVSFE Inc. to conduct a feasibility assessment of a proposed project to dredge the marina.  The study was to assess both positive and negative and long and short term impacts dredging of the marina would have on the fish community.  A compensation plan was prepared based on local knowledge, a literature search, and field investigations.  


Basket River Compensation Plan

Three spawning shoals were installed in Basket River, a north basin Lake Manitoba tributary, as fish habitat compensation.  The spawning shoals were intended to increase habitat diversity within the river and provide additional spawning habitat for Walleye, White Sucker, and numerous Cyprinid species.