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Flood Mitigation

Management and control of flooding is critical for the economy and safety of communities. Flood mitigation projects involve topographic surveys to identify vulnerable areas; hydrological studies to evaluate and predict flood patterns; engineering studies to generate effective solutions; and recommendations for cost-effective infrastructure or other drainage improvements.

AAE has the experience and capacity to assess, evaluate and improve flood mitigation measures in communities. Our equipment allows us to obtain accurate data and models of current conditions, and our partnerships with professional engineers, hydrologists and other specialists bring a wealth of expertise and experience to every project. AAE has formed partnerships with numerous First Nations and other communities in carrying out flood management surveys and developing effective, long-term flood mitigation and drainage improvement plans.

Representative Projects

Pine Creek First Nation Topographic Survey and Hydraulic Assessment

AAE conducted a topographic survey of the lakefront region of the Pine Creek First Nation Reserve in order to identify drainage problems and sources of flooding on reserve. Data was incorporated into a Hydrological Model of the Pine Creek area for use in a flood analysis, prevention and mitigation plan. Surveying was conducted that established elevations of existing water levels, infrastructure and high water marks, and was analyzed to provide recommendations for flood mitigation actions to be taken by the band and council.


Skownan First Nation Flood Management Survey

AAE completed a flood management survey of the Skownan Reserve. The study was initiated to obtain baseline data and to assess the existing infrastructure and drainage within Skownan Reserve. The results facilitated a complete hydrologic-hydraulic assessment in Phase II of the project and development of recommendations to reduce the impact of flooding on the reserve.


O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation Flood Management Survey

Elevated water levels on Lake Manitoba and the Crane River Reserve resulted in repeated flooding of community, resulting in infrastructure and property damage within the reserve. AAE was hired to conduct a flood management survey to assess the existing infrastructure and drainage within Crane River Reserve. The goal of the initial assessment in Phase I of the project was to determine existing infrastructure and property elevations in relation to water levels and high water marks. Knowledge of current elevations facilitated the development of a long term flood management plan in Phase II of the project.






Additional Projects

  • Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation Topographic Survey and Drainage Assessment
  • Tootinaowaziibeeng First Nation Hydraulic Survey
  • Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Drainage Assessment
  • Hollow Water First Nation Drainage Assessment
  • Waywayseecappo First Nation Drainage Assessment