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Agricultural biosecurity refers to measures and procedures undertaken to prevent the spread of invasive species, diseases, or other harmful biological agents on agricultural land. Effective biosecurity requires:

  • Development of strong, science-based protocols for assessing biosecurity risks and mitigations;
  • Effective cleaning and disinfection procedures to prevent pathogen transfer between fields and properties;
  • Communication with landowners and clients to ensure farm-specific biosecurity protocols are respected.

AAE is experienced in conducting biosecurity monitoring to ensure effective biosecurity procedures are followed and farms are protected.

Representative Projects


Manitoba Hydro Bipole III Transmission Line Biosecurity Monitoring

Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board contracted AAE Tech Services Inc. to conduct third-party biosecurity monitoring of construction activities along Manitoba Hydro’s Bipole III transmission line. AAE monitors Manitoba Hydro employees and contractors to ensure compliance with MB Hydro’s Agricultural Biosecurity Standard Operating Procedures.